Future General India Life Insurance Review


Future General Total Insurance Solutions stands out with a large number of branches located in India. The institution has a total of 136 branches in the country. This makes it easy for you to contact the institution directly, both for an insurance contract and for a different problem. Moreover, the company’s claims settlement rate is set at 95.28 percent according to 2019-2020 data. In addition, the asset rate under management status is determined as 4,347.5 crores.

It offers many advantageous financial products in the fields of Future General, Term Plans, Group Plans, Health Plans, Saving Plans, Retirement Plans. The most important features of these products are flexible policies and advantageous rates. By choosing the online insurance plans option, you can renew your plan or buy a new plan without having to go to the branch.

Fund Performance of Future General India

In terms of fund performance, the values of the company are passed on to many investors. Monthly fund fact sheets and quarterly investment outlook service are some of the most popular wealth management services. The system is based on maintaining liquidity, making returns sustainable, and following NAV history. You can choose this corporate company for saving plans.

Future General India Life Insurance


Financial Strength




Customer Support



  • 136 branches at different locations of India.
  • Future General, Term Plans, Group Plans, Health Plans, Saving Plans, Retirement Plans are available for the company.
  • Pricing options are not bad for the plans.
  • Financial strength is good.


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