United India Insurance

United India Insurance

United India Insurance is a private insurance company that has been actively providing services since February 18, 1938. The company is headquartered in Chennai, India. The most popular policies offered by the company can be listed as motor, health insurance, overseas travel policy, personal accident policy, home insurance. Furthermore, additional services that users can get support for online policy selection are provided on their official website. This can be seen as an advantage in general.

Important Statistical Numbers About Success of the United India Insurance

Let’s talk about the statistical values and success stories that distinguish United India Insurance from others. After all, stability and reliability are really important when it comes to an insurance company. In this context,

  1. Those who prefer the United India Insurance institution will have chosen an institution that plans 2279 office networks. This means that the institutional structure is more robust and the services are stable.
  2. In addition, the proportion of claims settled so far has been specified as 6879518. This figure points to experience and advantageous policies.
  3. Besides these, the total number of policyholders is really high. According to official institution data, this number is 17410498.

United India Insurance


Financial Strength




Customer Support



  • The company has average financial strength.
  • Price options are very good. You will find many handy and affordable insurance plans in this company.
  • They also provide good customer service for consumers.
  • They are providing good plans for bike and health insurance.


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