Acko General Insurance Review

Acko General Insurance

To say that the institution is managed from Mumbai, India. Acko General Insurance offers taxi insurance options, which are completely different from its competitors. In addition to these, bike and health insurance options are extremely popular. The system is licensed by IRDAI. In addition, the company has 4.5 crore customers.

ACKO allows you to do almost any transaction online, especially thanks to its modern and advanced mobile application. One hundred percent digital system prevents you from wasting time with paperwork. Use zero-hassle in your claim creation process.

Acko General Insurance Packages

The products offered within the framework of car and taxi insurance are divided into three:

  1. Comprehensive Insurance
  2. Third-Party Insurance
  3. Commercial Insurance

You can benefit from high options in terms of hospitalization coverage.

Generally, those with a critical illness cannot find policies with high enough coverage rates at popular insurance companies. However, ACKO has extremely high coverage rates in this respect. For example, different medical procedures such as angiography, dialysis, radiotherapy, eye surgery, chemotherapy that you will need within the framework of a critical situation are covered by advantageous insurance packages.

Acko General Insurance


Financial Strength




Customer Support



  • Provides good insurances for taxi and cards.
  • There are also good plans for health and bike insurances
  • Comprehensive, Third-Party and Commercial Insurances are available.
  • Good customer support.


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