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When you invest your savings into an object, it is imperative to protect it from any damages. It is possible to protect your cars through car insurance companies with the best and most comprehensive policies. The flexible features of the affordable policies, from which you can get a return as soon as possible, will directly provide the protection you want for your vehicle. The Indian car insurance industry is a robust industry that aims to prepare your vehicle for many situations.

How Many Car Insurance Policies Are In India?

India is a very rich country in terms of car insurance policies and the companies that offer them. Numerous companies around the country take care to offer policies with high coverage and price performance products. Check out the following types of car insurance policies:

Comprehensive Car Insurance India

If you want to protect your car from all possible problems, we will recommend an advantageous policy type. Policies that are not comprehensive enough may not protect your cars from third-party liability. On the contrary, comprehensive car policies can provide financial support for your zero depreciation or medical expenses. Besides, it is possible to create flexible calendars for payment.

Third-Party Car Insurance

We need to talk about a type of insurance that people living in big and congested cities must-have. Third-Party Insurance provides you financial support in the event of an accident for injury or property damage. It can be described as a type of policy mandatory in India to ensure general traffic safety. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, all vehicles involved in traffic must have this type of insurance.

Pay as You Drive Insurance

Looking for an affordable alternative in your India car insurance research? Then you are definitely in the right place! People who prefer policy packages named “Pay as You Drive” among the policies that we will list for you and belong to different institutions can secure their vehicles more advantageously. How does ‘’Pay as you drive insurance’’ work?

This type of policy means that families with two cars or those who rarely use their cars insure their cars for less. Generally, the following insurance companies provide such policies:

  • Bharti AXA,
  • Bajaj Allianz

Apart from these two institutions, there may be boutique companies where you can find pay-as-you-drive car policy India options. These types of policies offer options such as third-party liability or liability for your own car.

Pricing is carried out with the milestone logic. Different policy prices are applied for driving 2500 kilometers, 5000 kilometers, and 7500 kilometers.

What to Consider When Choosing Between Car Insurance Policies in India?

India is known as the region where many worldwide insurance companies are established. Therefore, it is possible to say that there are really many types of car insurance policies you may encounter during your research. So, what should be considered when choosing between Indian car insurance institutions and policies? Let’s take a look!

Claim Settlement Rate: Is it high enough?

First, be sure to check the claim settlement rates. Higher rates will mean a more advantageous process for you. Usually, rates of up to 99 percent are set by Indian car insurance institutions. When making your choice, be sure to review the company’s rate in the marketing process.

Coverage of Car Insurance Policy: Is it enough for you?

It is essential that a good car insurance policy can cover both the damages in your car and the other car’s damages. Therefore, the scope of the policies also varies accordingly. If you only want to buy the policy you are obliged to do; you can choose third-party liability insurance. But remember: other comprehensive policy types mean you protect your own ‘’investment’’, not only your ‘’car’’.

Add-on Covers: What else?

Some additional benefits included in car insurance policies in India may give you additional rights. Generally, services such as zero depreciation, flat tire assistance for the drivers who need help aim to make your life easier. If you want to take advantage of such services, what you need to do is add them to your policy by paying a few additional fees or purchasing a policy that includes them.

So, what exactly do additional guards consist of? Let’s take a look at it in general with you.

It is known that car insurance policies with engine protection cover, which are often found in India, are frequently preferred. These policies generally cover the engine and basic parts of it. For example, parts such as gearbox or differential are also covered by such additional packages. This type of policy can be beneficial in situations such as water ingression, which usually occurs in aging cars.

 Are you someone who loses your car keys often?

If you frequently lose your car keys or are afraid of your key being damaged for various reasons, we can recommend taking advantage of the comprehensive Indian insurance packages that provide key protection.

Such policies will support you in the following matters:

  1. In case your car key is lost
  2. In case your car key becomes inoperable for any reason
  3. In case the spare key of your car is lost
  4. In case the backup key of your car becomes inoperable

In the above cases, you will be completely free from the expense you will pay.

What Does Car Insurance Policies Not Cover?

So, are all the damage costs covered by a car insurance policy? In fact, the answer to this question is a huge “no.” Because in such policies,

  1. No support is provided for technical problems caused by aging or misuse of your car.
  2. If it turns out that you left your car’s engine without oil for a long time and the technical problem occurred because of this, the company will not cover it.
  3. If you were drunk during a traffic accident, the insurance company will not provide you with financial support.

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